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Before you get here:

Things to do in Ketchikan

Arriving in Ketchikan – Upon arriving at Ketchikan International airport, check in at the Pacific Airways counter in the baggage claim area. They will be expecting you and will fly you to the lodge.

Meals – Meals at Clover Pass Resort are served family-style in our dining room. A hot breakfast is served from 5:30 to 7:00 each morning. Lunch options include a sack lunch (for charters or self-guided anglers that want to stay out all day) or a hot lunch served in the dining room between 12 and 3 P.M. Dinner is served in the dining room at 6 P.M. Our guests have access to the dining room for snacks, sandwiches, and coffee etc. 24 hours a day. Make sure you let us know of special dietary requirements before your arrival so we can plan for great meals that meet your needs.

Maid services – Clover Pass Resort has daily maid service that includes making the bed, emptying trash, and tidying up your room. Towels are changed mid week or on request. Additional services are available upon request.

Upgrades – Clover Pass Resortoffers a variety of services including freshwater and saltwater guided fishing, and excursions to various locations and activities around Ketchikan. Check with one of our staff if you aren’t sure about what is available as part of your package or if you would like to arrange for additional services.

Alaska Fish regulations – As a leader in our industry, Clover Pass Resort insists that its guests adhere to all State and local fishing regulations. Although we are happy to provide current regulation information, full Southeast fishing regulations can be found online at If you have any additional questions please give us a call.  If we don’t know the answer we are happy to make a call to local law enforcement officers who are always willing to give us an accurate explanation.

Ketchikan Alaska VacationFishing processing – Our staff will fillet, vacuum pack, freeze, and box your catch according to your directions and specifications. Our system is designed with multiple backups in place to ensure that you get the fish you caught all the way back to your dinner table. Our dock staff is happy to provide suggestions on how best to have your catch prepared for maximum enjoyment!

Shipping – Due to the rising costs of excess baggage and the hassle of handling boxes on the way home from a fishing trip, many of our customers have opted to have their catch sent express delivery to them once they return home. Although expensive, FedEx Overnight Delivery offers some added benefits including the ability to insure your catch, FedEx’s overnight delivery guarantee, and the ability to choose a delivery date and location that is convenient for you. FedEx rates run in the $3.00 to $3.50 per pound range, depending on the quantity shipped.

Gratuities– As many of our customers complete their trip and prepare to return home it is not uncommon for customers to request information on gratuities. Being part of the service and travel industry, gratuities are a common way of expressing appreciation for exceptional service. That being said, we strongly believe that gratuities are earned, not expected. Nothing short of a great experience should be worthy of a gratuity! Unless you stipulate otherwise, all gratuities are pooled and split amongst all staff members. We offer the following suggestions based on your experience at Clover Pass Resort

Self –Guided Packages

Exceeded all expectations $25/day
Excellent $20/day
Very Good $15/day
Good  $10/day
Fair $0
Poor $0


Guided Packages

Exceeded all expectations $100/day ($50/day to the guide & $50/day to the resort staff)
Excellent $70/day ($35/day to the guide & $35/day to the resort staff)
Very Good $50/day ($25/day to the guide & $35/day to the resort staff)
Good $0
Fair $0
Poor $0


For information or reservations:

Phone us toll-free at: 1-800-410-2234
In Alaska at: 907-247-2234

Clover Pass Resort

P.O. Box 8331
Ketchikan, AK 99901

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Clover Pass Resort located at
P.O. Box 8331Ketchikan, Alaska. 99901
Phone: 800-410-2234